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100% reveals new dance practice video for “Want U Back”

The boys of 100% just released a new dance practice video for their latest comeback track “Want U Back”. The dance practice video isn’t live like the one released on May 31st, but it still showcases their very impressive choreography. Every time I watch their dance practice, I become more and more amazed that these boys are still rookies. At the rate that they’re going, and with those sexy teaser images that they release, they will probably be entering idol status sooner rather than later.

100 percent reveals new dance practice video for Want U Back

Now their comeback track “Want U Back” may not be everyone’s favorite song, but a lot of people do have to admit that the choreography to the song combined with the boys’ beautiful appearances make for a very seductive duo. Looking at both the complexity of the choreography combined with this groups synchronization, it’s hard not to be amazed by their talent.

100% made their debut last September under Andy Lee’s entertainment company T.O.P Media. Their music is distributed through LOEN Entertainment. Their very first single did well on the charts, landing them on the #6 position in sales. Their second single, however, tanked, standing far away at position #76. Considering the popularity of “Want U Back”, hopefully their mini-album “Real 100%” was able to rank high on the charts.
The boys are very talented, but unfortunately for them, they’re part of a smaller entertainment company, which means they don’t have the huge support that rookies from huge companies like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, or JYP Entertainment have. However despite this small setback, they’re still making good progress in making their name well known.

The boys are set to make an appearance on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” to promote their latest mini-album. Fans of 100% will be able to see their favorite 7-member rookie groups participate in a variety of hilarious activities.

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