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100% to hold their 1st solo concert/announce comeback single

100% is going to be making a comeback by the end of the month, but not before they hold their very 1st solo concert!

TOP Media announced that 100% will be holding their 1st stand-alone concert on December 29th, where they will be revealing their new comeback single as well.

What’s great about this concert is that not only will the members of 100% be performing old tracks like “Only U” and “Want U Back“, but they will also be performing tracks that they composed/wrote themselves!

Fans are in for a big treat.


After the concert ends, there will be an event held at the venue where the members will be high-fiving their fans. Each concert-goer will also be given a special 100% fanclub card to thank them for attending.

Are you excited for 100%’s upcoming solo concert? It’s unfortunate that it’s only for a day, but it sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun.

You can check out 100%’s message to their fans below!

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