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2EYES become fixed cast members for SNL Korea

It looks like SidusHQ’s new Kpop rookie group, 2EYES, isn’t looking to start off slow in the industry. The girls landed a recurring gig on SNL Korea, becoming fixed cast members for the show. However, not all of the members will be able to partake in SNL’s comedy. Since the show has a 19+ age rating, member Yeon Joon will be sitting this one out (poor maknae).

With 2EYES becoming the first girl group to join the cast of SNL Korea, these girls have strayed away from the traditional path rookies take to become idols, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

2EYES become fixed cast members for SNL Korea

The girls were most likely lucky enough to get this gig on SNL thanks to Jay Park, their label mate, being a fixed cast member of SNL himself. Plus, with all of the good ratings Jay Park has given to SNL, SNL and SidusHQ are probably good buddies.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see the girls in action soon. So far, the group is being well-received, despite the bad press the group was getting due to Daeun’s friendship with EXO’s Sehun (darn rumors).

Along with SNL, 2EYES will also be featured in SBS MTV’s idol reality show “Diary”. There, the girls will be providing behind-the-scenes footage of living as a girl group. The cameras will follow them around with their everyday activities both on stage and off the stage. “Diary” is a 6-week long show that will air new episodes every Friday.

Source: Mwave

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