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2EYES goofs around in SidusHQ’s common area

SidusHQ just released a new video of 2EYES goofing around in the company’s common room.

The girls showed off their goofy sides, singing along to Jay Park’s latest single, making and tossing paper airplanes, and practicing their dance moves for “Don’t Mess With Me”.

With this new video, SidusHQ is trying to show off 2EYES’s normal side, in hopes of getting them to be more relatable to the audience.

2EYES goofs around in SidusHQ's latest video

SidusHQ is trying something different with its new rookie girl group. Instead of just having 2EYES compete on music shows, the label is going all out to show the girls from all angles.

The company has them acting, taking part in their own reality TV show, and signing up for gigs on many variety shows including SNL Korea and UtChatSa.

In order for 2EYES to thrive and stand out from the rest of the K-Pop Rookie groups that have recently debuted, SidusHQ is trying to get the girls into all areas of the entertainment business, and so far it seems like its marketing strategy is working. Hopefully with all of these gigs, 2EYES will develop a strong enough fanbase to secure themselves as an idol group in the K-Pop business.

Check out 2EYE’s goofy video below.

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