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2EYES releases their dance practice video for “Shooting Star”

2EYES has just released their dance practice video for their comeback track “Shooting Star“.

The girls look so happy and peppy when performing their dance routine. It really suits the song well.

The routine is very cheerful, with the girls jumping around and waving their arms while dancing to the catchy beat.

There’s something strange about this dance practice video compared to others. It seems as though the girls aren’t as in-sync with their choreography like most groups are.

2EYES releases their dance practice video for Shooting Star

You can see some of the members off by a second when they’re performing the routine. Some members also don’t follow all the way with certain moves.

Just little details, but they’re noticeable. Luckily this song wasn’t meant to be choreography-intensive.

While we’re all happy to see the dance practice version of “Shooting Star’, many of us are wondering when in the heck we’re going to see the official MV. We’ve been waiting a while now… come on Sidus HQ.

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