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2EYES reveals their new, upbeat single “Shooting Star”

2EYES has officially made their comeback, and this time they’re back with a more upbeat song. Their new single “Shooting Star” is very poppy and it’s equipped with an addicting chorus.

I was lukewarm with their debut song, “Don’t Mess With Me“, but I’m really digging “Shooting Star”. It seems to match these girls’ personalities much better, and these girls’ vocals aren’t that bad.

SidusHQ is making sure that 2EYES gets more noticed this time around when they promote on music shows.

2EYES reveals their new, upbeat single Shooting Star

However, even though “Shooting Star” is catchy and all, I do feel like it would’ve made more sense to have released this song during the summer. The weather’s all cloudy and rainy now, I feel like this song doesn’t really match Korea’s mood at the moment… maybe the girls should’ve come back with a nice ballad instead.

Nonetheless, “Shooting Star” is a great song and I hope it charts well. 2EYES has been gaining popularity lately with their appearances on several variety shows, including SNL Korea. I wonder how the general Korean population will receive this song.

Check out 2EYES’s Shooting Star below! The girls should be releasing the official MV for the song soon.

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