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2EYES’s Daeun joins SBS’s UtChatSa as a fixed cast member

It looks like the 2EYES’s members are more fit for the small screen rather than the music scene, with their many appearances on TV shows like  SNL Korea, MTV’s Diary, and now a new comical show. 2EYE’s Daeun has just signed up to become a fixed cast member for SBS’s People Looking for Laughs, also known as UtChatSa.

Like SNL Korea, Daeun’s appearance on SBS’s People Looking for Laughs will have audience members and television viewers uproaring in laughter, and it will be a great opportunity for Daeun to show off her  beautiful appearance as well as her funny charms. She’ll mainly take part in comical skits, but it will also be great if she can participate in the games portion of the show as well.

2EYE's Daeun joins SBS's UtChatSa as a fixed cast member

With the 2EYES members making their rounds, they’ll most likely be able to increase the number of fans in their fan base, which will eventually pay off when they make their next comeback. It looks like these rookies are here to stay, and if in the worst-case scenario music doesn’t work out for them, they’ll at least know that they’ll always have opportunities in the variety show business.

Source: For_2EYES

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