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9 Sexy Anime Guy Pillows to Keep You Warm at Night

  1. Levi Ackerman in Many Varieties

The strong, confident, and cool Levi Ackerman.

He’s one of the strongest and manliest characters in Attack on Titan.

He looks so sexy sprawled out on the bed like above. And even moreso in the body pillow below.

He may seem cold in AoT, but he’ll be sure to keep your bed warm IRL.

2. Eren Jaeger

Eren is the main protagonist in Attack on Titan.

He’s strong willed, but doesn’t exactly have the same talents as his fellow soldiers.

But his confidence and his determination to see things through to success is massively attractive.

The way he’s laid out in this body pillow is so attractive, we definitely want to get our hands on it (and him).

3. Levi and Eren wombo-combo

Or you know, if you can’t choose between Levi and Eren, why not just have both on your bed.

On one day you can flip the body pillow over to Levi, and on another, you can give your attention to Eren.

Best of both worlds.

And it definitely helps how sexy Eren looks on his side.

4. Black Butler’s Sebastian Michaelis

The tall, handsome, and courteous Black Butler; Sebastian Michaelis.

He’ll tend to your every needs with grace and eagerness.

He’ll also raise heaven and earth to keep you safe.

And that’s what we all want that in our life right? Someone who takes care of us and protects us?

That’s what makes this body pillow a definite must-have for any of us.

5. Gintama’s Gintoki Sakata

The unbelievably sexy and funny Gintoki Sakata from Gintama.

This body pillow is enough to get our lady parts tingling.

He’s so inviting on both sides.

This pillow is a no brainer to have for your collection.

6. Hetalia: Axis Powers – Germany Ludwig

The super manly and too serious Germany from Hetalia: Axis Powers.

He’s so goddamn sexy on both sides.

He loosens up his demeanor a bit on this body pillow, which we absolutely love.

Behind that tough and stern exterior is a sweet and lovely guy and we get to see that here.

7. Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki (Two Varieties)

Both of these body pillows feature two different sides of Ken Kaneki.

His innocent, black-haired self and his manly, bad-ass white-haired self.

He’s very sexually appealing in both versions, with the black sheets version actually drawing me in more… I mean come on Ken, you can’t do this to us.

The version below is lovely too, still sexy, but I think a bit more innocent.

8. Kuroko’s Basketball – Ryota Kise

This body pillow of Ryota Kise is on a level of adorableness I can’t even handle.

It’s just so, so goddamn cute. I want to snuggle up with it all day.

He looks dapper in both outfits, and sweet with his little sheep doll.

If you’re going to get any body pillow, get this one.

9. Free!’s Nanase Haruka

Look at that beautiful swimmer’s body.

Free!’s Nanase Haruka is the epitome of perfection.

He’s the strong, yet silent type, which makes him all the more attractive.

But yes, for his body alone, this pillow should be an insta-buy.

10. Overwatch’s Genji (Just Because… yum)

I know technically Genji isn’t an anime character, but holy crap this body pillow is so sexy and amazing.

He can spam, “I need healing” all he wants from me.

I’ll go Mercy main for him, and I don’t even play Mercy.

He’ll go “Ryūjin no ken o kurae!” right into your heart.

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