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Actor Ren Osugi – The father in FFXIV: Dad of Light – has passed away

Ren Osugi, who played the father in the Japanese series Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, has passed away from sudden heart failure.

He was 66 years old.

He was a beloved actor in Japan, with dozens and dozens of roles in TV dramas, movies, and animations.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, Ren Osugi starred in the role of Hakutaro

He and his son Akio (played by Yudai Chiba) had grown apart over time and had become emotionally distant.

One day Hakutaro quits his job, and nobody knows why.

In an attempt to get his father to open up about his reasons for quitting, and also to become closer with his father, Akio purchases a PlayStation 4 and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for him.

Akio creates a beautiful, female avatar to befriend his father with. With the help of his friends and also his free company (the game’s version of a guild), he becomes closer and closer to his father.

The story is… admittedly weird, but the TV series was heartwarming and cute.

Ren Osugi will be missed.

Rest in piece.

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