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Ailee is in awe as to why SPICA isn’t super popular yet


Ailee was recently a guest star on Lee Hyori and SPICA’s reality show, “Lee Hyori XUnni”. There, she tells Lee Hyori that she’s in awe that SPICA isn’t more popular. SPICA is talented in many aspects.

They’re all great vocalists, they’re stellar dancers, and they’re all beautiful women.

Ailee’s entire scene took place in a faux variety show created by Lee Hyori to prepare SPICA for real interviews and appearances.

Ailee has a valid point. Many netizens have noticed that SPICA is one of the more talented rookie groups in the industry, so why aren’t they as popular?

Ailee is in awe as to why SPICA super popular yet
Credit: Fanpop

Their live vocals are on spot and they have great stage charisma, so their current popularity is baffling. On the plus side, it seems like their popularity is on the rise. I believe that on the most recent Music Core, SPICA was ranked #5 on the charts! So perhaps more people are starting to pay attention to them.

Hopefully this group will be able to secure a larger fandom soon. They’ve been working hard and they deserve the recognition.

If you haven’t heard SPICA’s new comeback track “Tonight”, be sure to check it out here!

Source: Allkpop

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