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Airplane comes back with their music video for “Give Me A Chance (Pick Up The Phone)”

Rookie hip-hop/Kpop group Airplane has finally returned to the Kpop music scene with their second digital single “Give Me A Chance (Pick Up The Phone)”. In order to better promote their new track, the boys (Minki, Bokiri, and mNine) released their music video through LOEN Entertainment, and their video has already received huge positive feedback from netizens all around.

Airplane made their debut back in January (around the same time BPPOP made their debut) with their track “Pretty”. The boys are primarily a hip-hop trio, but they have some great vocals as well, as evident in their music video.

Air Plane makes their comeback with Give Me A Chance Pick Up The Phone

They made a huge splash on the K-Pop scene, so huge that netizens were getting frustrated waiting for Airplane to make a comeback. Airplane’s delayed comeback was stated to be due to them not being able to find the “right” track to return with. They went through 10 tracks before they finally came across “Give Me A Chance”

Airplane is part of Winning Insight Entertainment, one of the lesser-known entertainment companies. Their label is known for such acts as ChAOS, Norazo, and the Piggy Dolls. Netizens feel a bit uneasy about that because ChAOS disbanded 16 months after their debut and Piggy Dolls just disappeared. They feel that Airplane’s longevity is questionable with this agency.

But we can put that fear aside for now. Check out Airplane’s music video for “Give Me A Chance” below (with English subs thanks to LOEN Entertainment).

Source: Allkpop

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