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All BTS Members Renew Contracts With BigHit Entertainment

BTS is looking to stick together for the long-haul, and with their same entertainment company to boot.

All 7 members of the group have decided to renew their 7-year contract with BigHit Entertainment.

News report say it’s because they trust BigHit and have great love and affection for the company.

No surprise there.

What’s even more amazing is that the BTS members still have 1 year remaining on their current contract, and they have so much faith in BigHit Entertainment that they’re already signing up for another 7 years with them.

We hope that the boys at least negotiated a bigger share of the profits though.

They certainly deserve it.

BTS is rapidly growing as a music icon throughout the entire world.

The United States loves them and they’re getting collaborations and media invitations from pretty much everyone.

We look forward to another 7 successful years with BTS.

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