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AlphaBAT sings “Ddan Dda La” in a new masculine police concept

The boys of AlphaBAT have returned, and this time they’re back with a more masculine and more catchier track!

Their new title track “Ddan Dda La” is a strong track that features a very addictive chorus and a great beat.

The AlphaBAT boys all look good donning their police-like outfits and swinging around their police batons.

Despite being a small label, AlphaBAT’s company knows what they’re doing.

AlphaBAT returns with Ddal Dda La police masculine concept

The chorus of this track definitely gives this track the oomph that it needs, and it’s impressive that a song this good is coming from a very freshly-debuted rookie group.

One thing that does confuse me is the story of this music video. Who is this girl, why is she running, and where is the closure to this story?

Other than that, this is a solid comeback and we hope that the boys of AlphaBAT have a successful run with “Ddan Dda La”.

To accompany the release of their new MV, AlphaBAT has also released their 1st mini-album “Attention“.

Here is the full tracklist:

1. War Head

2. 딴따라

3. Always

4. AB City

5. 깜짝파티

6. 딴따라 (Inst.)

7. AB City (Inst.)

With a track like Ddan Dda La, the boys will probably see a great spurt in their album sales. Check out the MV for the song below!

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