(Anti) fans call EXO Baekhyun a traitor at Inkigayo

So some disgusting fans (I guess now anti-fans?) got together and decided to chant “traitor” towards EXO Baekhyun during the final moments of Inkigayo.

While Baekhyun was on stage with EXO Suho for the final session of Inkigayo, you can somewhat hear the chants in the background.

It’s so stupid how worked up these fans are getting over Baekhyun dating someone that’s not them.

And for them to actually go out of their way to attend a music show (that their group isn’t even performing at) just so they could wait an hour for that last moment at the end of the show (when everyone else is screaming in joy) to start chanting… Really?

I mean if they were really brave, they would’ve started chanting their nonsense during the MC sessions of the show when people weren’t screaming (like when they were tally up the scores).

Anti-fans call EXO Baekhyun a traitor at Inkigayo

Fortunately, there weren’t too many of them chanting “baeshinja” (traitor), so they’re really muffled by the sounds of other fans screaming.

Hopefully Baekhyun didn’t hear any of that crap thrown around by anti-fans.

But considering how this is the way these (now) anti-fans are acting towards Baekhyun while he’s working, I wouldn’t be surprised if some wait outside SM Entertainment just to yell this at him.

Well whatever the case, I’m glad that not every EXO fan feels the same way (hopefully), and that it’s just a select few obsessive, stupid fans that feel the need to go out of their way to call Baekhyun something he isn’t.

The delusions of crazy people.

Here’s the video. Skip to around 4:40 to hear the chanting.

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  1. Cleo Hines
    June 24, 2014

    it’s REALLY faint… I’m not sure I could hear it properly. It could have been something else I could hear, but this is HORRIBLE. WHY ARE PEOPLE BASHING HIM IT’S STUPID

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