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Anti-fans torment EXO members with laser pointers


The EXO members were met with some very nasty anti-fans while they were performing at the Beijing leg of their EXO’LuXion tour.

The anti-fans brought laser pointers to the concert and shined them directly on the members’ faces and eyes throughout the whole event.

We know that tensions are high between Chinese EXO fans and fans of Kris, Luhan, and Tao, but it’s crazy to think that these anti-fans purchased $100-$300 tickets just so they can be hateful towards innocent people for hours.

Here are some pictures of these anti-fans in action:

Antifans shine laser pointers directly into EXO members eyes

It really pisses me off to see people act like this towards other people.

Antifans shine lasers into exo chanyeols face

Antifans shine laser pointers directly into EXO members eyes 2

It must have been very annoying for the EXO members to ignore the laser pointers and continue on with their performances, but they’re professionals so they carried on just fine.

As for those anti-fans, I’m sure there’s a place in hot hell with their names on it.

antifans lasers exo

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