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ASUS ROG launches its own eSports headquarters in China

Multiple news outlets in China have been reporting that ASUS Republic of Gamers is gearing up to launch its own eSports headquarters in the mainland.

It has already invested $16 million into the new project, which it has dubbed, “Huajing Culture Media Co., Ltd.

A small amount compared to the $14.5 billion the Chinese market generates for the company.

Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS, told media that the company doesn’t just want to sell eSports products; it wants to be part of the entire industry.

It wants to hold more eSports events, create eSports teams (which it has already done back in December 2017 with its own pro League of Legends eSports team “Rogue Warriors“), and all-in-all just be a major player in the eSports industry.

ASUS can see the potential of eSports.

In China, there are over 72 million eSports enthusiasts.

ASUS wants a piece of that pie.

We’re always glad to see the eSports industry expanding.

We hope that other companies follow ASUS’ advances in the industry and invest as well.

Source: eSportsObserver

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