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B.A.P finishes off the last leg of their solo tour in Singapore

How many rookie groups get to hold their own solo concert? Not that many, but B.A.P seems to be an exception to that rule.

Not only did the boys hold their own solo concert, they held 8, and the cherry on top of that sundae is that all 8 concerts were sold out. The boys held 4 of those concerts in the United States and 4 of them in various Asian countries, the last of which was Singapore.

B.A.P holds a successful concert for 4,500 fans in Singapore

Their Singapore concert was attended by 4,500 fans, and they all got their money’s worth when they watched B.A.P perform at the 2-hour long charismatic event. The entire event was riveting, with the boys showcasing their strong vocals and impressive dancing skills, all of which was complimented by a nice light show and fireworks.

Their Singapore concert was a nice way to end things right before their very first comeback stage in Korea. The boys returned back home in the early hours of the morning. After getting a little bit of rest, these boys got right back up and prepared to bring the charisma that they displayed at their concerts onto the ever-important stage of Music Bank.

Be sure to tune into B.A.P’s comeback stage for “BADMAN” tonight on Music Bank. If it’s anything like their performance in Singapore, it’ll be quite the spectacle.

B.A.P holds a successful concert for 4,500 fans in Singapore 1


Source: Yahoo!

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