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B.A.P grabs their 2nd win with 1004 (Angel)!

B.A.P has grabbed their 2nd win with 1004 (Angel)!

Their second win was compliments of Music Bank.

They went up against Girls’ Day for the win and they won by over 2000 points!

Congratulations to B.A.P for their win.

B.A.P grabs their 2nd win with 1004 Angel 1

1004 (Angel) is the title track of B.A.P’s first full album “First Sensibility“.

We’re glad that their seeing a lot of success with “First Sensibility” and we hope that they win a lot more music show awards before they jet off on their “Live On Earth” tour.

We’re sure that they’re going to grab at least a few more wins with 1004 (Angel) before the big dogs of K-Pop make their comeback next week.

It’s unfortunate that B.A.P’s comeback was timed around the same time as senior artists SNSD and 2NE1, but the bright side of all of this is that they can wrap up their promotions soon and start touring around the world again.

Check out B.A.P’s performance on Music Bank below, as well as their acceptance speech.

B.A.P – 1004 (Angel) on Music Bank

B.A.P – Acceptance Speech

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