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B.A.P grabs their 3rd win with 1004 (Angel)

B.A.P has just grabbed their 3rd win with 1004 (Angel)!

Today’s win was compliments of Inkigayo, and they went up against Girls’ Day and SoYou & JunggiGo for the win.

It was a really cutthroat battle between B.A.P and SoYou.

B.A.P came out on top with only 33 additional points.

B.A.P wins 1st on Inkigayo with 1004 Angel

We’re glad that the boys of B.A.P were able to win though.

They’ve worked really hard on their comeback, and they’ve come a long way since their debut.

Judging from their previous wins, it does look like B.A.P will have many cutthroat competitions with other artists in the future.

It’s one of the difficulties of coming back in such a prosperous month like February.

We hope that B.A.P can still bag a few more wins next week before all of the senior artists make their comeback.

It’ll be a great way to send B.A.P off onto their next world tour.

Check out B.A.P’s acceptance speech in the video below!

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