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B.A.P Hints at a Possible Disbandment

B.A.P has hinted that that they might possibly be disbanding soon.

At the last leg of their concert tour, the boys had a serious talk with their BABYs.

They stated that their contracts all end at different times, so they’re unsure what their future holds.

They do know that their tour has ended, and they have no upcoming concert schedules together.

There’s a chance they might be able to perform on stage one last time before one of their contracts ends, but right now everything is unsure.

The boys were all tearing up on stage as they were telling their fans the news.

They’re remaining hopeful and say that BABYs should do the same.

B.A.P has gone through a lot through their music career and they’ve managed to stick together as six throughout it all.

We hope that they’ll be able to stay together and have a long, successful career.

If Highlight (Formerly B2ST) can do it, we for sure hope B.A.P can do it as well.

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