B.A.P Member Profile: Bang Yong Guk


  • Stage Name: Yongguk
  • Real Name: Bang Yong Guk
  • Nickname: Inversion Rapper, BBang
  • Position: Leader, Main Rapper
  • Born: March 31st, 1990
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Personality: Tough, brusque, direct, blunt
  • Family: Father, mother, older sister, older brother
  • Hometown: Incheon
  • Height: 182cm or 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 60kg or 132lbs
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Gae Woong Elementary School, Gae Woong Middle School, Yoo Han high School, KyungHee Cyber University
  • Bunny: SHISHIMATO (Red)
  • Habits: Thinking of rhymes, writing down his thoughts.

B.A.P member profile Yongguk


  • Favorite Foods: Sushi
  • Favorite Number: 0
  • Favorite Colors: Red, Black
  • Favorite Hobbies: Playing by himself, exercising, sports (specifically Basketball and Baseball), composing music, writing lyrics
  • Favorite Music: Hip-Hop, Soul
  • Favorite Movie: Constantine
  • Favorite Motto: “Do what you like and love what you do”
  • Favorite place to go: The work room, or the studio.
  • Favorite Fashion Style: Street clothes/Hip-Hop
  • Favorite type of woman: A virtuous woman



  • Role Models: 1TYM’s Teddy, Beast’s Yang Yo Seob, his grandfather.
  • Celebrities they’re close with: It’s a secret.

B.A.P member profile Yongguk 1

Fun Facts:

  • He used to be in an underground group called “Soul Connection”.
  • He was discovered by Soul Connection during his second year of middle school.
  • He was the maknae of the group, and his stage name was Jepp Blackman.
  • His debut song in “Soul Connection” was “Cherry Flower”.
  • The hip-hop group Untouchable recommended Bang Yong Guk to TS Entertainment.
  • He was hesitant at joining TS Entertainment at first, but after TS Entertainment assured him that he’d be able to create the music that he wanted, he joined.
  • He was a trainee for a total of 6 years.
  • He helped write lyrics to a lot of B.A.P songs, including No Mercy, One Shot, Power, Warrior, and a lot more.
  • He helped compose B.A.P’s Voice Mail song as well as his duet with B2ST’s Yoseob.
  • He was featured in Secret’s music videos for “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight.”
  • He was featured in Weekly Sweet’s music video for “Just Friends”
  • He was featured in Untouchable’s music video for “Make a Fuss”.
  • He was featured in Song Ji Eun’s usic video for “Going Crazy”.
  • To him, B.A.P is “innocence”. He says that whenever he needs to regain his innocence, he confides in his members.
  • Before debuting with B.A.P, he was part of the duo group “BANG & ZELO”. They debuted with the single “Never Give Up”.
  • He was a cast member on MBC’s “One Our Night”.
  • While shooting the music video for “Warrior”, he was burnt by fire. His eyebrows were gone. He warned the fire to never hurt him again.
  • He said that he could be born again, he’d be born African American and continue to do music.
  • He has a twin brother named Bang Yog Nam. He’s part of a rock band.
  • He is considered the peacemaker of the group.
  • He considers himself the dad of B.A.P.
  • He manages what goes on in B.A.P’s dorm. He assigns the chores.
  • Despite being tough and blunt, he is actually very soft-hearted and tends to cry a lot.
  • He didn’t learn how to speak until he turned 5.
  • He says that if he could be any other member in B.A.P, he’d be YoungJae.
  • While promoting “Power” with B.A.P, he had to have surgery to remove a cyst from his hand. He wore a cast for a whole month.
  • He is closest with member Himchan.
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