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B.A.P re-opens registrations for their official BABYs fanclub


If you aren’t a member of B.A.P’s official fanclub yet, you are in luck!

The boys of B.A.P have re-opened registrations for their fanclub, so you can officially sign up to be a BABY if you want! However, one caveat is that you won’t be a 1st generation BABY.

You’ll be dubbed a second generation BABY… but who cares!?

B.A.P recorded a video message encouraging all of their unofficial fan members to sign up and join. There are a lot of perks in becoming a BABY.

B.A.P re-opens fanclub registrations for BABYs

You get an official membership card, a bunch of fanclub goodies, and you get access to privileged information that non-members have to wait to get.

Here’s a few things you have to know:

  • The registration is opened to all fans, even international fans.
  • There is a membership fee of 15,000 won (and a shipping fee of 3,500 won) that you have to pay (which can be paid using a credit card).
  • You have to register through Interpark.

Registration has already begun, so get to it future BABYs!

Source: BAPYessir

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