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B.A.P receives a delicious dinner from their Babyz

B.A.P received a thoughtful and decorative meal thanks to their lovely Babyz. Their fans knew that in order to have a successful comeback, the boys of B.A.P have to be well-fed and energized, especially considering their hectic, jam-packed schedule. Not only did the Babyz prepare a delicious meal for the boys, they made sure that the entire meal was nutritious. Included in the package were fruits, healthy sandwiches, salads, and vitamin water. Everything was all wrapped up in beautiful and attractive decorations.

B.A.P thanks fans for sending them dinner

To make sure that the meal was delivered to the right group, B.A.P’s Babyz also printed out customized labels saying “B.A.P Comeback Support” to place on each item. All of this takes a lot of love and dedication, and of course the boys of B.A.P were moved.

B.A.P thanks fans for sending them dinner 1

B.A.P’s Daehyun tweeted, “Thank you!! I’ll eat this really well ~! Baby ~!!” B.A.P’s backup dancer Park Jun Woo also tweeted saying, “Let’s eat!!”


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