B.A.P releases “First Sensibility” and MV for 1004 (Angel)!

It’s finally here! B.A.P’s 1st full album “First Sensibility” has finally been released and as expected, it’s spectacular.

There are a total of 13 tracks in “First Sensibility”, and all of them are great and vary in style.

So far, the most stand-out tracks to me are B.A.B.Y, Bang X2, Shady lady, and Body & Soul.

But by far, my most favorite track is the title track “1004 (Angel)“.

B.A.P releases first full album First Sensibility and 1004 Angel

The composition of “1004 (Angel)” is just amazing.

It’s a dance track complimented by both an acoustic and electric guitar, giving it a very beautiful tune.

The boys’ vocals are stellar and the rapping is amazing.

1004 is really a work of art.

1004 (Angel) is definitely a huge change compared to B.A.P’s other title tracks, but in this case, it’s a welcomed change.

We hope that B.A.P sees a lot of success with their 1st full-album. Hopefully they’ll be grabbing their 1st win on music shows with their promotions this time around.

We can’t wait to hear them perform 1004 (Angel) live! Be sure to check out the MV for the song in the video below!

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