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B.A.P wins the “World Rookie” award from the 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards

The boys of B.A.P has just received the “World Rookie” award from the 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards!

A much deserved win considering how even though they’re still rookies, they have such a huge international fanbase compared to many other groups.

The boys have worked very hard in their careers, producing comeback after comeback after comeback.

With each comeback, they gain a massive increase of BABYs.

B.A.P wins World Rookie award at 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards

B.A.P has just come back with their first full album “First Sensibility“, which they’re promoting with the phenomenal 1004 (Angel).

The boys are also gearing up for another “Live On Earth” tour next month, where they’ll be meeting all of their BABYs and also gaining more and more fans and support in the process.

Something tells us that their promotions this time around will be their most successful one yet, considering how their song 1004 (Angel) has just won them their very first music show win! Compliments of Show Champion.

We hope B.A.P sees a lot more success in the future, and we can’t wait to see how they grow in 2014.

Congratulation to B.A.P for winning the World Rookie award!

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