B.A.P’s 1st Japanese single “Warrior” goes into full promotion mode

B.A.P’s 1st Japanese single, “Warrior“, has gone into full promotion mode in Shibuya, Japan. There are B.A.P and Warrior ads plastered all over Marui City, a major department store chain in the area.

Ads are also plastered around Shibuya’s Center Gai, a shopping center that gets A LOT of foot traffic. B.A.P’s PR has gone all out in making sure these boys get noticed by the general public, as if they weren’t popular enough in Japan.

While walking around Shibuya, you can see full-sized B.A.P posters plastered on pillars and support beams, hanging off light posts, and hung across billboards throughout the city.

The posters have captions that say things like,

“B.A.P, Who Came from Outer Space have arrived in Japan.”  and “Galaxy of Real Ability”. (It seems like the whole outer space concept is Korea’s current trend: i.e EXO and Girls’ Generation’s new song “Galaxy Supernova”.).

B.A.P's 1st Japanese single Warrior goes into full promotion mode 1

If the life-sized pictures of these handsome boys isn’t enough to grab the public’s attention, then perhaps B.A.P’s cute little bunny image will be.

Warrior doesn’t officially get released until October 9th. That gives these promotions about 2 more days to draw in enough buzz! Hopefully B.A.P’s 1st Japanese single is able to do well on Oricon’s charts, and hopefully it’ll rank #1 on daily charts as well as the weekly charts.

Source: BYS

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