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B.A.P’s BADMAN receives plagiarism accusations from Shinhwa’s fans

It looks like there’s a fanwar about to start between Shinhwa’s Changjo fans and B.A.P’s Babyz. The Changjo fans are accusing B.A.P’s BADMAN of copying the melody of Shinhwa’s “We Can’t Get It On”. What frustrated Chanjo fans even more is that Shinhwa’s very own Eric spent long nights self-composing the song, and he stated that it was his favorite song in the entirety of his career.

You can check out the comparison between the two songs for yourself. There is some debate over whether there is really any plagiarism at all, or if this is all just a coincidence. International K-Pop fans state that there are only slight similarities, not enough to warrant plagiarism. However, Korean fans state that if a song copies 4 bars of music from another song, it’s grounds for copyright infringement.

B.A.P's BADMAN is being accused of plagiarizing Shinhwa's We Can't Get It On

You can check out the comparison for yourself in the video below.

However, this isn’t the first time that B.A.P has been accused of plagiarism. Their song “No Mercy” was called out for plagiarizing, wait for it, Shinhwa’s Young Gunz. In that case, the similarities were are a lot more noticeable, so you can see why Shinhwa’s fans are so quick to pounce on B.A.P.

There has yet to be an official statement from TS Entertainment, but it seems that Babyz in Korea have been apologizing to Changjo fans and sending TS Entertainment e-mails regarding this issue. What do you think? Do you believe that B.A.P’s composers intentionally plagiarized these songs? Hopefully that isn’t the case. These boys have worked really hard as rookies, and are gaining massive momentum as artists. If TS Entertainment and its composers are found guilty of copyright infringement, it would be a huge setback for B.A.P.

Source: NetizenBuzz

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