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B.A.P’s Japanese “Warrior” MV to be revealed by Countdown E.T today!


I hope all of you Babys are ready! Countdown E.T just tweeted that they will be revealing B.A.P’s Japanese music video for “Warrior” at 8:00PM JST today!

Alongside the revealing of the music video will be an exclusive interview with the boys.

That’s what I love about Japan. They always release their music videos a lot sooner before the actual song is released.

I mean I love Korea’s way of releasing music videos and songs at the same time as well, but Japan’s way helps satiate my immediate needs.

B.A.P's Japanese music video for Warrior to be revealed tonight by Countdown E.T

The boys of B.A.P are wrapping up their promotions with BADMAN at the moment, and they’re switching gears to promote in Japan. They will be releasing the Japanese version of their debut track “Warrior” on October 9th, and they will be prepping to hold 6 Arena Tours come late October/early November!

The boys will take Japan by storm this Winter, growing their fanbase even more over there. Stay tuned, because in 10 hours we get to see another great music video by B.A.P.


Source: Strong B.A.P

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