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B.A.P’s Zelo wants to stop growing?

B.A.P’s Zelo wants to stop growing. I bet you never heard anybody say that. But that’s his birthday wish.

Zelo recently tweeted, “Zelo, stop growing” in response to him turning 17 years old! (18 in Korea). He currently stands at 184cm (6 feet tall), which for him is a problem. Why?

Because he’s B.A.P’s Maknae, yet he’s one of the tallest members in the group. He’s referred to as B.A.P’s giant baby.

Youngjae replied to Zelo saying,

“Ok Joo Nong. Please… keke I will eat the cake well, keke.”

B.A.P's Zelo wants to stop growing

Zelo uploaded two pictures for his birthday.  The first picture is of him with cake frosting spread on his cheeks and his nose. The second picture is of him sleeping in bed with a toy tiger.

B.A.P's Zelo wants to stop growing 1

It’s hard to grasp how someone so talented like Zelo is still so young. Happy birthday to Zelo! We hope that he has a wonderful one. I’m sure BABYs have something special planned for him. And although he wishes to stop growing now… I’m sure in the future, he’ll hope to be as tall as he can be.

Source: Allkpop

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