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Baekhyun considering role in action movie “Dokgo”


It looks like one of EXO’s main vocalist, Baekhyun, is seriously considering a role in an upcoming movie called “Dokgo” (Subject to change).

It’s said that he was considered for the part after his appearance in EXO’s LINE web drama “EXO Next Door“.

Dokgo is about twin brothers, their school life, and the violence that surrounds it.

It’s an action movie based off of a webtoon series of the same name.

Baekhyun considering role in action movie dokgo

We hope that Baekhyun takes up this role.

SM Entertainment is currently reviewing the role with Baekhyun, including the plot of the movie, the characters, his role, and more.

If Baekhyun follows through with this, it’ll be his first legitimate acting job as well as big screen debut.

With Baekhyun’s personality, this will probably be a comedy movie as well.

We know that his personality makes everyone laugh and his charm gets people addicted to him.

He’ll have a lot of new fans once this movie premieres.

But that’s getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Baekhyun still has to make up his mind and we’ll update you when he does.

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