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Baekhyun’s fansite to sponsor scholarships for his past schools


A Baekhyun fansite, Highlights0506, is already prepping for his birthday next year. They have major plans to provide scholarships for juniors at the schools EXO’s Baekhyun has attended in the past.

That’s one hell of a gesture on their part. It’s a very unique birthday support present that we believe no, or few, fansites have done.

The details are still pretty scarce this early on, but from what we gather, there will be a few scholarships that will help fund students in many different forms. So these scholarships can help a student pay for school supplies, their tuition, or help them pursue an education in music.

Highlights0506 will get creative with it depending on how much funding they receive. Considering how rich many of these fansites and their followers seem, they’ll probably receive a generous amount of donations.

Baekhyun's fansite to sponsor scholarships for his past schools

Here is what Highlights0506 posted on Twitter, translated by EXOandBBisLife:

“Hi, I am holding different methods to support Baekhyun’s birthday next year compared to other birthday supports. I’ve decided to give out scholarships to students in the schools where Baekhyun has graduated from before. Like Baekhyun, I hope Baekhyun’s juniors can grow up nicely. These scholarships will help support the students in many forms of things.”

It’s a wonderful thing that this fansite is doing and we hope everything turns out great by May 6th next year.

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