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Bangtan Boys are incredibly synchronized for their concept trailer


The Bangtan Boys caught many viewers’ eyes yesterday on M!Countdown with their concept trailer. The choreography was complex and amazing, and the drama was riveting.

BigHit Entertainment decided to release the dance practice video for the concept trailer and it shows that these boys, and even the current trainees of BigHit Entertainment, are all amazing dancers.

The boys of BTS and their backup dancers (like all 20 of them) are all incredibly synchronized with each other, even with such a complex routine.

Bangtan Boys are incredibly synchronized for their concept trailer

These boys may still be rookies, but they’re already performing at a much higher level than most rookie groups. They’re one group you should keep an eye out on. Chances are they’ll hit it big in the Kpop industry.

You can check out Bangtan Boys’ dance practice video for their concept trailer below. Some people are already saying that they’re at a level of dance synchronization that rivals that of INFINITE, but you can be the judge of that yourself.

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