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Bangtan Boys are nominated for Best New Male Artist MAMA award

Bangtan Boys has been nominated for the Best New Male Artist MAMA award!

It’s every rookies’ dream to be nominated for this award and what they all strive to win after their debut.

Bangtan Boys is definitely one of the prime candidates for this award seeing as how they had one of the biggest debuts this year. Also, luckily for them, they won’t have to compete with the likes of YG Entertainment’s Winner, or JYP’s two boy groups for the award.

Bangtan Boys nominated for Best New Male Artist 2013 MAMA award

Voting begins at 12:00AM KST, and Bangtan Boys’ ever-increasing fanbase is ready to make sure these boys snag the award. You can check out the voting criteria at this page here. At 12:00AM, you will be given access to the voting page located at the top left, where you can vote for BTS, as well as your favorite artists in other categories.

Congratulations to Bangtan Boys for their nomination. We hope that they win the award.

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