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Bangtan Boys become schoolboy rebels in their “N.O” music video


To accompany the release of their 1st mini album, O!RUL8,2?, the Bangtan Boys released their music video for their title track “N.O“.

The music video is modern and has a very futuristic vibe to it. It follows along BTS’s theme with “No More Dream” in terms of rebellion and aggression.

They want their viewers and their fans to say “no” to routine, no to following meaningless rules, and no to having their lives decided for them.

In the music video, the boys start off by obeying all of the rules and lifelessly following the directions of the teacher, but eventually they can’t stand the routine and the oppression anymore.

Bangtan Boys become schoolboy rebels in N.O music video


The video inspires rebellion, which may be a bit controversial for some people, but it also promotes forgoing a meaningless life and pursuing what you really want, which is what I love about the Bangtan Boys.

The music video was just released a few hours ago, but it has already garnered a huge amount of “likes” on YouTube! It shows how popular Bangtan Boys has become and how much they’re still growing. Perhaps we’re looking at a soon-to-be phenomenal Kpop group.

You can check out Bangtan Boys’ music video for “N.O” below! Also be sure to check out the rest of the songs on BTS’s 1st mini-album “O!RUL8,2?”.

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