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Bangtan Boys celebrate their 100 day anniversary!

Time sure does fly. It’s already been 100 days since the Bangtan Boys debuted! The boys are very excited to have reached this milestone in their career (with so many rookie groups debuting, not many get to make it in the business).

In celebration of their 100-day anniversary, the boys of BTS gathered together at their “BTS Honey FM 06.13” radio special. SUGA was the DJ for the event.

The boys shared stories with their fans about their lives, secrets, confessions, and past. It was definitely a must-listen event for Bangtan Boys’ fans.

The group shared that they were embarrassed by their group name before their debut, but after debuting and accumulating so many fans, they can’t imagine being called anything else now.

Bangtan Boys celebrate their 100-day anniversary after their debut

Congrats to Bangtan Boys for reaching their 100-day milestone. We hope that they’ll see a lot more success in the future. With how much charisma they have and how extremely well they dance, I’m sure their popularity will skyrocket soon.

Also, rumor has it that they might have a special surprise for their fans later on today… but we shall see.

Source: Allkpop

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