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Bangtan Boys release MV for pre-debut song “Adult Child”

The Bangtan Boys has just released a music video for one of their pre-debut songs called “Adult Child“.

The only members performing the songs are SUGA, Jin, and Rap Monster. The music video is pretty simple. There’s no choreography or amazing decorations like their previous music videos. Instead, here all the boys do is rap while the cameras circle around them.

The concept of this song is something that most teenagers go through once they turn into adults. The big 20, when you’re really just breaching adult hood.

Bangtan Boys release MV for pre-debut track Adult Child

Nothing special really happens. The only thing you get when you turn 20 is more responsibilities, which is a drag. The Bangtan Boys talk about how when they were little, they always dreamed about growing up and becoming adults, but when that time really comes, it’s more dull and depressing than expected.

Watch Bangtan Boys’ music video for “Adult Child” and listen to them as they say goodbye to being teenagers and hello to being grown-ups.

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