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Bangtan Boys release their debut MV for No More Dream

Bangtan Boys (or BTS) have revealed their debut music video for “No More Dream”. It’s purely a hip-hop track, which may be unappealing to some Kpop fans, but it’s definitely a nice surprise. Why? Because the song is strangely encouraging and supportive, but in a tough love kind of way.

Now, the lyrics to “No More Dream” will cause many parents to cover the ears of their children, not because there’s any vulgarity, but because the lyrics encourage young ones to stop obeying their parents’ wishes to only pursue a higher education. Bangtan boys wants the younger generation to be more honest about their own dreams rather than the dreams of their parents, or anyone else for that matter.

Parents want their children to become successful doctors, lawyers, engineers, or political officials because they believe that money is one of the main ways to become happy. However, many more young adults are beginning to realize that they have dreams of their own that they need to and should pursue.

Bangtan boys release their debut mv for no more dream

So while I’m not a fan of hip-hop, I still enjoyed Bangtan Boy’s “No More Dream” because of the strong message that it sends.

Kpop fans all around are already becoming more and more interested in this new Kpop rookie boy group, not only because of their music, but also because of their attractive looks, which is a major “must-have” in this industry.

While these boys aren’t part of a major label like SM Entertainment or YG, they’re still rising in popularity because of the persona that they give. They’re definitely going for the pure bad boy vibe and it’s working out for them. And pushing out songs that can be quite controversial is their strategy in becoming a memorable and powerful Kpop group. And it doesn’t hurt that they aren’t afraid to show a little skin to their fans.

Check out Bangtan Boys’ music video (Eng Sub) for “No More Dream” below.

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