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BangTan Boys release their teasers for “O! RUL8, 2? (Oh, Are You Late, Too?)


The BangTan Boys, or BTS, has just released their comeback teasers for their soon-to-be-released track “O! RUL8, 2? (Oh, Are you Late, Too?)”.  BigHit Entertainment provided BTS’s fans with a variety of new wallpapers featuring the individual members, as well as a teaser trailer to get everyone hyped up.

The teaser trailer follows the same path as BTS’s previous tracks. It’s blunt, but it’s also inspiring. The teaser shows us that BTS’s new song will center around achieving your dreams, and that you shouldn’t wait for your dreams to pass you by.

BangTan Boys releases teasers for their upcoming track O! RUL8, 2 Oh, Are You Late, Too

That’s what I love about the BangTan Boys’s songs. They aren’t your standard K-Pop lovey-dovey stuff. They talk about dreams and achievements and other inspiring things that today’s youth needs.

There’s about 78 hours before BTS’s new track is released, and fans are already waiting anxiously for that timer to hit 0. If you want to download any of the BangTan Boys’ wallpapers (or all their wallpapers), you can get them from BigHit’s website here!

Also be sure to check out BTS’s teaser trailer for O! RUL8, 2?

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