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Bangtan Boys return with their “Boy In Luv” music video

The Bangtan Boys are back again and this time they’re back with a lovey-dovey concept fused with a rebellious concept.

Their new comeback track, “Boy In Luv“, centers around the schoolboy crush that many adolescents go through, but instead of going down a generic route, the boys of BTS modified this tried-and-true concept and made it their own.

The boys of BTS may be rocking schoolboy outfits, and they may be singing/rapping about being in love and having crushes, but they’re still the misfits we all know and love.

The song, which is pre-dominantly rap, is catchy and it definitely lifts up your mood.
Bangtan Boys comes back with Boy In Luv

“Boy In Luv” was produced by Pdogg, “Supreme Boi, “Hitman” Bang, as well as Bangtan Boy’s very own Rap Monster and Suga.

According to BTS’s Jungkook, the Bangtan Boys chose “Boy In Luv” as their title track for two reasons:

  1. Because they liked it the first time they heard it.
  2. Because they remembered back when SNSD’s Taeyeon mentioned she liked “manly men” while talking about them at the Golden Disk Awards. Her words resonated with the boys and they felt that “Boy In Luv” would be the best title song to come back with. According to them, it was like fate.

We’re glad they chose “Boy in Luv” to come back with, because it’s great, it’s catchy, and it’s a song that will capture the heart of fangirls everywhere.

Check out BTS’s “Boy In Luv” music video below!

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