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Bangtan Boys show off their exceptional dance skills in their practice video for N.O

Bangtan Boys has released their dance practice video for “N.O”, and it shows just how talented these boys are as dancers!

Seriously, they’re so well-synchronized that it’s hard to believe that they’re still rookies. Even their backup dancers are extraordinary. It shows that even though BigHit Entertainment is a small label (or a small unit of JYP), it still has an outstanding training program.

Not only does the dance practice video show BTS as exceptional, synchronized dancers, but it also shows just how charismatic they are. Even when you see them on the music programs, you can tell that they’re fully confident in their abilities.

Bangtan Boys release their dance practice video for N.O

When these boys have their first solo concerts, I’m sure that fans will get their money’s worth. These boys have a great future ahead of them, and they’re still brand new rookies. When they start reaching veteran status, they will be topping charts, winning trophies, and selling out concerts.

Check out Bangtan Boy’s dance practice video for yourself! Also be sure to check out their dance practice video for their Concept Trailer as well. It’s awesome.

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