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Bangtan Boys’ SUGA underwent an emergency appendectomy

On December 9th, Bangtan Boys’ SUGA had to undergo emergency for his appendcitis.

On December 8th, while on a schedule in Japan with the other members of BTS, SUGA started feeling symptoms of what he believed was just a bad stomach ache.

He went to the hospital where they revealed that he had appendicitis. He was quickly flown back to Korea to undergo surgery.

He underwent surgery early in the morning of December 9th and is currently in recovery.

Bangtan Boys' Suga underwent an emergency appendectomy

He’ll have to be absent from Bangtan Boy’s schedule for a few days, but he’ll soon be back to his good-ol self.

The rest of the members of Bangtan Boys are still in Japan. For the next few days, they will be holding fansign events for their fans, who of course are disappointed that SUGA won’t be in attendance as well.

We hope that the Bangtan Boys joins back together soon, and also that SUGA recovers quickly and well.

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