Bangtan Boys tease fans with an audio preview for O! RUL8,2?

BigHit Entertainment has released an audio preview of Bangtan Boys’ upcoming mini-album O! RUL8,2? (That’s always going to be hard to type out). Oh! Are You Late, Too? is said to be about people who wait too long to start achieving their dreams, so in the end, they end up full of regrets.

The entire album is supposed to get people motivated to go after the things they want instead of just waiting for life to pass them by. That’s what I absolutely love about these Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Their music isn’t just lovey-dovey, it’s also inspiring to the younger generation.

The audio preview plays the tracks in this order:

  • Intro: O! RUL8, 2?
  • Paldo Gangsan
  • Rise of Bangtan
  • Coffee
  • Outro: Luv In School
  • If I Ruled The World
  • We On
  • N.O

Bangtan Boys teases fans with their audio preview of O! RUL8,2

Intro, O! RUL8,2?, provides a very dramatic entrance into the entire album.

Paldo Gangsan starts off with some very nice instrumentals. It’s a strong rap/R&B track.

Rise of Bangtan might be one of my favorite tracks off the entire album. It’s very powerful and the members’ voices are full of energy.

Coffee has a nice, slow R&B vibe to it. It sounds like it’ll be a very addicting track.  It’s one of my favorites from the album.

Outro:Luv In School... for an outro, it’s pretty spectacular. Has a slow and nice R&B feel to it as well. I kind of hope it’s a full track.

If I Ruled The World is a catchy rap song. Not really my style, however, I do have to admit that the rapping is very good.

We On… I love the background music and the boys’ vocals sound great in this R&B type song.

N.O: Okay, so this is the main promotional track on the album, and it’s a nice way to finish off the audio preview… but! It kind of underwhelmed me. After listening to this, I kind of wished Rise of Bangtan was the promotional track. N.O seems to lack the kind of energy these boys need to bring to their comeback stage.. But who knows! Maybe the full song will surprise me. That’s always the case with most promotional tracks.

Bangtan Boys’ O! RUL8,2? is set to be released on September 11th! The only song we haven’t heard yet is BTS Cypher Part 1. We also didn’t get a sneak peak at R U Happy Now, but then again, it’s a skit so it really wouldn’t make sense if we only heard a preview of it.

Here is the full tracklist for the album:

  1. “O, R U L8, 2? (Oh, Are You Late Too?)” (Intro)
  2. “N.O”
  3. “We On”
  4. “R U Happy Now?” (Skit)
  5. “If I Ruled The World”
  6. “Coffee”
  7. “BTS Cypher Part. 1”
  8. “The Rise of Bangtan”
  9. “Paldo Gangsan”
  10. “Luv In Skool” (Outro)

Check out the audio preview for BTS’s O! RUL8,2? here!

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