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BESTie defines their ideal types in their “Love Options” MV

BESTie is back and they’re back with a very catchy and very frank new song called “Love Options“.

Love Options is about what each BESTie member wants in an ideal man. The lyrics state that the girls want a guy who is “A little bit tall, a little bit like Gang Dong-won, and someone who kind of understands how girls feel.”

The song was made by the very renown Brave Brothers, known for composing hit songs for many famous Kpop artists including SISTAR, After School, 4minute, and more.

While the lyrics for Love Options is a bit too frank, it does go along the lines of what everyone thinks to themselves.We all have ideal types (though of course we’re willing to let go of some of our ideals for the right person).

BESTie discusses their ideal types in their new Love Options music video


While the beginning of the song is offensive to a number of guys, and kind of makes these girls seem like they have the “Princess Disease“, the girls change their tone after the second chorus. They give up all of their ideals and decide that none of those qualities are important if they can find a guy who loves them and who will only have eyes for them, which changes the tone of the final chorus.

What I love about the music video for Love Options is that the girls compares their ideal type of guy to a guys’ ideal type of girl.

The girls are stressing out over becoming taller with heals, getting the most luxurious accessories, and becoming more beautiful. Idealism is a two way street and one that causes everyone stress, and I believe that BESTie portrayed that well in their new music video.

Check out BESTie’s “Love Option” below. It sounds like a hit.

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