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BESTie releases a parody of Love Options ft. Jang Dong Min


To get more recognition for their new “Love Options” single, BESTie has teamed up with comedian Jang Dong Min for a parody music video!

BESTie’s parody music video shows the girls each receiving presents from Jang Dong Min (who is for some reason dressed up in a polar bear costume).

Each girl is excited to be receiving a new present, however, when they open up their present, they are immediately disgusted and disappointed.

BESTie releases a parody of Love Options featuring Jang Dong Min


Because the gifts that Jang Dong Min gave these girls were “cheap”, upsetting these girls. After seeing their reactions, Jang Dong Min becomes angry and starts destroying the gifts and scolding the girls for being so uppity and shallow.

BESTie’s agency, YNB Entertainment, released a statement saying,

“We made a separate video following the meaning of Love Options’ lyrics. Even though Jang Dong Min was busy, he agreed to act in the music video, so we were able to film a great video.”

The video is very entertaining and it shows a different side to “Love Options”, while following the same theme. Check it out below!

Source: Allkpop

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