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BESTie transforms into Fin.K.L on SBS’s Star Faceoff Chuseok Special

BESTie, a new 4-member Kpop Rookie group from the lesser-known label YNB Entetainment, made an appearance on SBS’s Star Faceoff Chuseok Special and performed their own rendition of Fin.K.L’s “To My Boyfriend”.

They brought waves of nostalgia to the audience with their performance and even had the judges bouncing along to the song.

The entire performance took the audience back to the days of Fin.K.L. The outfits these girls were donning were on spot with the fashion back then; leg warmers and all!

The audience was also surprised at how well these girls performed especially considering they’re brand new rookies! Although, we have to point out that 3 of the members were in a Kpop Rookie group called EXID before.


The members of BESTie are:

  • Hyeyeon – Leader/Lead Vocalist
  • UJi – Main Vocalist/Lead Dancer
  • Dahye – Vocalist/Main Dancer/Main Rapper
  • Haeryung – Vocalist/Maknae

You can check out BESTie’s impersonation of Fin.K.L and their cover of “To My Boyfriend” below! If you were a Fin.K.L fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the performance.

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