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Billboard names EXO as one of 14 artists to watch in 2014!

EXO’s international popularity just keeps rising and rising.

Last week, Fuse named EXO as one of 18 breakthrough artists of 2014, and now Billboard has done something similar!

Billboard named EXO as one of 14 artists that people should watch out for in 2014! What’s even more amazing is that EXO was the only K-Pop act included in the list.

Billboard cited many reasons as to why they chose EXO as one of the artists people should keep an eye on.

Billboard names EXO as one of 14 artists to watch in 2014

Like Fuse, Billboard pointed out that EXO’s music video for “Growl” was the 3rd most-watched K-Pop music video in the United States.

Not only that, Billboard also pointed out something that most of us didn’t know: In 2013, Growl was the 3rd best-selling K-Pop track in the United States, and Wolf followed closely behind in 5th place !

They’re already solidifying such a huge fanbase in the U.S., which is quite an accomplishment for such a young group.

Congratulations to EXO for making the list! We hope they get more and more international popularity in the future.

Source: Billboard

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