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Black Pink Jennie’s fans cuss out Lisa on video

Blinks everywhere are pissed off at a video of two Chinese fans cussing at Lisa for blocking their view of Jennie.

The Chinese fans were recording the girls who were doing a radio show.

Lisa looked their way and gave them attention, and that’s when these super rude, pieces of garbage insulted her.

They said in Cantonese,

Male fan: “F$*k you, don’t block (our view0)…

Female fan: “She thought I was recording her haha.”


Any Cfans here? Is it true? Can you please enlighten me is this shit really happend or not?? Because im pissed af to read this I wanna slap those f people! . Just.LISTEN!! Blackpink is NOT Blackpink without ANY of the members. They are a family!! They are ONE union who CANNOT be SEPARATED!! If you being rude to ANY of them, then you don’t fucking deserve to love the others!!! Put that in your fucking mind!! . . PS: don’t judge and generalize Jennie stan for this because we have no confirmation yet about it. There will always immature stans between us so yeah… no generalizing. . . #블랙핑크 #BLACKPINK #리사 #LISA #seeulater #lalice #blink #yg #kpop #girlgroup #blackpinklisa #jisoo #jennie #rosé #kimjisoo #jenniekim #parkchaeyoung #lalisamanoban #COMEBACK #SQUAREUP #DDU_DU_DDU_DU

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They should feel blessed that a goddess like Lisa even glanced in their direction.

Other Blinks were outraged by this video, and soon identified the fanclub these so-called “fans” were a part of.

The fansite, DoubleClass, apologized for the whole situation, even stating that if their apology isn’t enough, they’d go as far as shutting their site down.

Many Blinks haven’t accepted DoubleClass’ apology however.

They’re even saying that there are some holes in DoubleClass’ statement, and that they don’t seem very sincere.

Some are saying that DoubleClass are just flat-out lying to cover their bases.

This whole dramatic mess sucks and we’re sorry that Lisa had to go through this unpleasantness.



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