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Black Pink’s Jennie Becomes CF Model for CASS Beer

Black Pink’s Jennie has just signed on to be the new CF model for CASS beer.

Apparently she has already finished filming her commercial for the beer brand and it’s going to start airing sometime in late September/early October.

Promotional posters of Jennie and CASS beer will start being released in South Korea in October.

Jennie has always been a really great model, and netizens are always commending her on her chic and godly looks.

CASS made the right decision hiring her to represent their brand.

CASS beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in South Korea.

Almost every bar in the country has it on tap.

The beer is said to not have as much flavor as other beer brands out there, but that’s part of its charm and part of the reason why celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay has high praise for it.

The beer apparently pairs really well with flavorful meals because it doesn’t overpower the taste.

Oops, went off on a tangent.

We look forward to Black Pink Jennie’s CF for CASS beer.

If you’re not old enough to drink alcohol, ignore the ads.

Alcohol is bad for you >.>

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