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Black Pink’s Jennie to Make Solo Debut in November!

Instiz has just reported that Black Pink’s Jennie will be making her solo debut in November!

YG plans to announce her debut really soon.

It has been reported that she filmed her music video in Europe and it has just finished production.

The rest of the article just goes on to say the same ol’ filler, generic jargon that most K-news sites say about new debuts:

“Jennie is expected to showcase her charms.”

“You haven’t seen her charms yet.”

Etc, etc.

We’re thrilled.

The more Jennie, the better.

But as happy as we are, we still have to remember that this is YG…

They’re all talk and barely any walk.

They’ll announce something and it may never happen.

So… fingers-crossed that YG doesn’t pull the same BS with Jennie.

Source: Instiz

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