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Both Kai and Tao injured at EXO’LuXion concert

The EXO’LuXion tour is just getting started and injuries are already starting to occur.

Both Kai and Tao suffered injuries at yesterday’s concert, which kept them from performing their hit tracks Wolf & Growl with the other members.

Kai injured his wrist, probably from accidentally falling off the stage (more on that below).

We’re not sure how Tao was injured though, but we’ll update you as soon as we get more info soon. Perhaps Tao is still really sick.

Kai and Tao injured at EXO'LuXion concert

Kai was sent to the hospital to treat his wounds, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Tao joined him.

A fan posted footage of Kai falling off the stage. Poor Kai :(.

We wish these boys a speedy recovery. There are still a few more concerts in Seoul that they need to get through. Then perhaps they can get some semblance of rest on their plane ride to their other tour locations.

We hope that the other members are alright too and are injury-free.


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